sticky notes from the heart

describing my day through scribbled words and in poorly drawn sketches on sticky note paper.

© 2012-14 - All works belong to Linda Wasyliw

Permalink 18jan - you made me believe in tragedy
Permalink 27jun - leonard cohen. ink doodle.
Permalink 31dec - In 2012, I learned to be kinder to myself. One of the many, many great lessons I have learned and will take with me. I’ve let go, made peace, found calm, and discovered more light than dark. I like that.  
Permalink 14dec - harvest moon
Permalink 09dec - dog love
Permalink 09dec - let’s leave these lovers wondering
Permalink 23nov - hummingbird. 
Permalink 20nov - pills
Permalink 17nov - 3:40 am doodle 
Permalink 16nov - furious angels