sticky notes from the heart

describing my day through scribbled words and in poorly drawn sketches on sticky note paper.

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Leonard Cohen As Doodled On A Post-It By Linda Wasyliw

A very thorough Leonard Cohen fan website posted my Leonard Cohen Post-It Note doodle. 

Permalink I tried watercolours for the first time last night. This was my second attempt - a take on a previous ink illustration. I added ink to this to see what would happened. I probably shouldn’t have but trial and error, am I right?!Watercolours are a difficult medium but practise makes perfect, so they say!
Permalink "I’m Tired of Being Reasonable."
Permalink :: listenin’ to some Sixto Rodriguez, drawin’ some drawings ::
Permalink "I sing about a big man - the Canadian lumberjack!"
Permalink New doodle of an old doodle. This was the one that showed me that I do have my own style and that I do believe in myself - that my art can be more than just doodles. Ah, I’m sentimental. This one means so very much to me. 
Permalink Gabrielle Roy 1909-1983A Franco-Manitoban born writer who penned “Bonheur d’Occasion”/”The Tin Flute” (1945), a portrait of working class lives of those in St-Henri.