sticky notes from the heart

describing my day through scribbled words and in poorly drawn sketches on sticky note paper.

© 2012-14 - All works belong to Linda Wasyliw

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10sept - Suicide Awareness Day. 
I’d be lying if I said the last year and a half has been easy - it wasn’t…but it is now. :) For me; this year has been about bettering myself, getting help, staying afloat. 2012 began with a feeling of being overwhelmed, incredibly alone, and very dark. The kind of darkness that feels like you’re drowning or being swallowed. Drawing and being creative, with a “I don’t give shit if you like it or not - this is for ME!” attitude, has become such a positive outlet for me - the light to that darkness. It’s funny and surprising; in moments like these - you really discover who has your back (grateful for my friends back home, in Montreal…not so much).
Depression is tough - but there is accessible help, there are ears to listen, and there are many positive outlets to deal with pain or loss or isolation. You’re not alone and there is no shame in seeking help. :)