sticky notes from the heart

describing my day through scribbled words and in poorly drawn sketches on sticky note paper.

© 2012-14 - All works belong to Linda Wasyliw

Permalink A quick doodle of Ian Curtis on the anniversary of his death. 
Permalink "Trying to hang myself with thoughts of you, thoughts of me"
Permalink "I sing about a big man - the Canadian lumberjack!"
Permalink New doodle of an old doodle. This was the one that showed me that I do have my own style and that I do believe in myself - that my art can be more than just doodles. Ah, I’m sentimental. This one means so very much to me. 
Permalink Gabrielle Roy 1909-1983A Franco-Manitoban born writer who penned “Bonheur d’Occasion”/”The Tin Flute” (1945), a portrait of working class lives of those in St-Henri. 
Permalink The strongman and the writer - Louis Cyr et Gabrielle Roy. 

A General Disclaimer

I draw, I illustrate, I write, and I do it with honesty. I appreciate every kind and encouraging word. The invitations to participate in exhibits amaze me and I am grateful. That being said, this bears repeating :

~ Because some illustrations are of a sexual nature, this is NOT an invitation for anyone to send an artist photographs of their genitals or for you to assume that an artist wants to maintain a sexual conversation with you. If you want to jerk off to art, knock yourself out. Better yet, BUY some art and do whatever you wish. The artist doesn’t need to know details.

~ Because an artist is open with art and writing, this is NOT an invitation for you to be creepy online or in person. Don’t be intrusive in the artist’s private life. There’s a definite line between being interested in art and being intrusive in a person’s life. The artist knows this, people who aren’t artists know this.

~ The main point is to have some respect and don’t be a creep to women artists. This point also applies to women in general. 

Permalink "I know you’re living in my mind…it’s not the same as being alive."
Permalink protection from kind gestures