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describing my day through scribbled words and in poorly drawn sketches on sticky note paper.

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Leonard Cohen As Doodled On A Post-It By Linda Wasyliw

A very thorough Leonard Cohen fan website posted my Leonard Cohen Post-It Note doodle. 

Permalink I tried watercolours for the first time last night. This was my second attempt - a take on a previous ink illustration. I added ink to this to see what would happened. I probably shouldn’t have but trial and error, am I right?!Watercolours are a difficult medium but practise makes perfect, so they say!
Permalink Still accurate. 

25may - personal cv
"Excels at building the confidence of men who are commitment phobes so they have fall in love with the next girl after me." 
Permalink "I’m Tired of Being Reasonable."
Permalink Once I Was …
Permalink :: listenin’ to some Sixto Rodriguez, drawin’ some drawings ::